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Strategic Design

Masters of Brands offers strategic design services encompassing new product development, brand evolution, and targeted customer, shopper, and trade marketing strategies for impactful market presence.


We deliver comprehensive digital services, encompassing website development, social media management, targeted email marketing, and SEO strategies, to amplify online presence and engagement for food and drink brands.

Photo & Video

Our photography and videography services, including product and brand imagery, along with content creation for social and digital media, expertly capture and showcase your brand’s essence, engaging audiences visually.


New Product Development

Masters of Brands excels in crafting new product developments for drink and FMCG brands, merging inventive design with keen market insights. We focus on creating distinct products that captivate consumers and excel in competitive markets, propelling successful launches and continuous brand growth in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Brand Development

Masters of Brands excels in brand development, meticulously crafting and evolving distinct identities for food and drink brands. Our approach merges creative innovation with strategic market insight, ensuring robust brand growth and a powerful, lasting presence in competitive marketplaces.

Customer and Shopper Marketing

Our team develops tailored strategies that effectively engage and convert target audiences. We leverage deep insights into consumer behaviours and preferences to craft compelling campaigns, enhancing brand loyalty and boosting sales in the vibrant food and drink sector.

Trade Marketing

Our trade marketing services focus on driving demand at the distributor and retailer level for food and drink brands. We employ strategic partnerships and innovative tactics to enhance brand presence, ensuring products stand out in crowded marketplaces and achieve significant sales growth.


Our website services are tailored to create stunning, user-friendly digital spaces for food and drink brands. We focus on intuitive design, engaging content, and robust functionality, all optimised for SEO, to ensure your brand’s online presence is as dynamic and appealing as your products.

Social Media

Our social media content creation is designed to captivate and engage audiences for food and drink brands. We craft visually appealing, strategically targeted content, fostering meaningful interactions and building a loyal online community, while enhancing brand visibility and relevance on various social media platforms.

Email Campaigns

We specialise in crafting impactful email marketing campaigns for food and drink brands, focusing on personalised, content-rich messages. Our strategy is designed to strengthen customer relationships, enhance engagement, and drive sales, utilising targeted approaches that resonate with recipients and deliver measurable results.


Our SEO services are expertly tailored to elevate the online visibility of food and drink brands. We employ cutting-edge techniques and in-depth keyword research, ensuring your brand ranks higher in search results, driving organic traffic and enhancing your digital footprint in a competitive marketplace.

Product and Brand Photography

Our product and brand photography service skilfully captures the essence of food and drink brands, creating visually striking images that tell your story. We focus on highlighting product features, brand identity, and engaging narratives, ensuring each photograph resonates with your audience and enhances your marketing efforts.

Product, Brand and Service Videography

Our videography service specialises in bringing products, brands, and services to life for the food and drink sector. We create compelling visual narratives that showcase your unique offerings, engaging viewers and effectively conveying your brand’s story through high-quality, dynamic video content.

Social and Digital Content Creation

Our social and digital content creation service expertly crafts engaging and relevant material for food and drink brands. We focus on delivering impactful, tailored content that resonates on various platforms, enhancing your brand’s online presence and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

Spotlight Case Studies


Developing a Europe-wide FMCG brand with a diverse product line in the chilled and ambient on-the-go category, and bolstering the brand’s expansion through strategic consumer and trade marketing across various countries

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Assisting a US Hard Seltzer brand in expanding nationwide, providing comprehensive support through trade, consumer, and distributor marketing materials, and facilitating the development of online sales channels

View Project

Take Five

Providing comprehensive support to national retailer Bestway Retail, overseeing various facades, offering periodic campaign assistance, monthly marketing content for consumers and franchisees, and developing and managing their online franchisee portal

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Take Five

Developing a stand out brand offering for Take Five


A fresh rebrand to create a healthy stand out drinks range

Hole in the Clouds

Creating an award-winning look for a Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Uncle Ernie's

Designing a disruptive new RTD to stand out in a growing market

Tree of Life Chocolate

Creating a premium, eye catching range of chocolate packaging

Pignello Pignoletto

Designing the 'king' of Pignoletto's

Stone Pine

Creating a timeless classic with fine attention to detail

Crazy Coco

A new approach to positioning healthy alternatives

Willy Willy

Evolving a brand with care

Luminoso Leggero

Bringing a new brand into the light

Between the Vines

Designing a simple yet elegant merlot wine for Waitrose

Wine Rack

Brand refresh for Winerack


Brand design project for a new gin launch.

Bargain Booze Website

Website design project for drinks retailers Bargain Booze .

Sam's Island Wines

Design project for an award winning range of wines produced for Greene King.

Hidden Hill Riesling

Design project for an award winning Riesling created for Tesco.

Midnight Oil

Design project for Alavuden Oil.

Chilli Dressing

Brand development of Da Padre - a product with a long family history.

Black Powder Rum

Design project for a new type of spiced rum.

Essenza Dried Fruit

Brand and packaging design to emphasise the natural essence of this premium air dried fruit.

Barossa Drive - Tesco Exclusive

Branding project for an exclusive Tesco wine from the Barossa region.

Segeredo Do Lisboa

Branding development project coming up with an on-trade and off-trade identity for Segredo wine.

NINE Wines

Brand design project a refreshed look for a lighter choice wine.

Pradlo Whisky - Jeffery~West Limited Edition

Brand design project with British shoe manufacturer Jeffery West and Pradlo.

3 Pebble Bay Rosé

A refresh brand makeover that drove performance for Greene King's summer Rosé


We developed a design strategy to gain a position in the long stagnant bitters market.

Jacktone Ranch

Design project for an exclusive wine created by Kingsland Drinks

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