Black Powder Rum

Client: In-House Project

Brief: Following an in-house insight activity, we noted that rum had been mentioned as the up and coming spirit from more than one bartender, so we wanted to challenge ourselves to create a rum in our image.

Solution: We first crafted a brand narrative that drove an emotional connection to the rum; next, we wanted to explore materials. We found ceramic to be the perfect blend between modern requirements and the containers of old. Finally, we wanted to explore how our narrative could inform the development of a range, and we settled on the maritime routes and the spices that would be found on the way.

Forged by those long-forgotten at sea, Black Powder Rum has been created to ignite an old oath of loyalty, sworn at sea. As the tale goes, shipmates would sprinkle some gun powder (once known as black powder) into their drinks before toasting, as a way to seal a vow or show loyalty to a rebellion, with the great sea as the undying witness.

Now, reborn as a way to show respect to these forgotten souls, this oath will take on a different meaning. One forged amongst friends in loyalty and respect. So raise your glass, for this is a new wave of rum.

With sales of rum continuing to rise, more specifically, spiced rums, its no wonder UK sales have recently hit £1 billion, ranking it alongside whisky and gin as one of the nations favourite drinks.

From this, It’s clear to see that UK drinkers desire to experiment with new and different brands has not only been confined to experimenting with just gin. Through our research, we identified a spot in the market, ready for a new type of spiced rum. This rum is not only steeped in character, but it also has the potential to expand into a complete range of exciting new flavours.

With this idea, Black Powder Rum was created. Crafted within a pitch-black ceramic bottle and screen printed with a glowing copper foil, it’s easy to envision the sparks igniting from within the black powder. A closer look will reveal an Intricately handcrafted label, with striking typography and bold elements such as the monogram, creating a strong seal of quality and heritage. For the final touch, the bottle has been sealed with a natural cork, scorched with the master shipping brand on the top.