Essenza – Eurocompany

Client: Eurocompany S.r.l

Brief: Eurocompany had developed a new range of premium ambient snacks. As a mass producers of nuts, this was a key step in expanding their portfolio and wanted a brand that would facilitate their step into this new category.

Solution: We wanted to create visual that easily communicated the contents of these impulse snacks, whilst commanding a higher value cost of purchase. We created a range of handprints for each flavour, these were used as the full wrap decoration, with gold printing to add a real quality finish.

Eurocompany Srl is an Italian company famed for its healthy, organic and high-quality food.

Whilst they already had a range of nuts and dried fruits, they spotted an opportunity to produce premium dried fruits – pear, mulberry, peach, strawberry varieties, to be sold in the impulse purchase sections of stores.

Giving us the name Essenza – the brief was to create a vogue product.

These are individual packets of the very best dried fruit, and as a premium range, the brand and packaging had to echo all the natural essence of the product. And that’s exactly what we focused on. Marrying the fruit’s purity with high-end quality.

To really emphasise the naturalness of the fruit, we used a half-cut stamp texture to ‘print’ using the pieces of fresh fruit. Whatever the flavour, these stamps make the pack look juicier and more delicious – ideal to combat against the perceptions some dry foods have to face.

Together with this element of providing a raw and untouched feel to the packaging, we added a single image of the relevant piece of fresh fruit to the pack to ensure that the flavour was obvious.

And then, as a finishing touch, we further enhanced the premium feel with small gold printing to signify the high-end aspect of the pack.

No matter if it’s food or drink. If you’ve got an underperforming product, it’s all good to the Masters of Brands.