Barossa Drive – Tesco Exclusive

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: Tesco was launching a new premium range Shiraz and required a look to match, something that would lift this from the wider range of Shiraz’ available.

Solution: From delving into research surrounding the area itself, it became clear this was the basis on which to build this brand. The terroir of Barossa is unlike any other and ultimately, plays a significant role in giving its distinctive wine characteristics. So lead by the red soil, we created a premium stand out label that eventually leads consumers to pick up and put in their baskets.

Another new wine exclusive to Tesco, Barossa Drive was the latest project which Kingsland Drinks asked Masters of Brands to help position in the market.

Like any other top tier wine, this premium shiraz ultimately performs well due its supreme flavour and taste. But also like any other top tier wine, consumers aren’t going to be able to form an opinion on it without a stand-out label that makes them want to take it off the shelf in the first place.

This is what we set about creating. A label which would halt shoppers and encourage them to purchase. Something which not only looked great, but also leaned on the wine’s history and heritage to confirm its status as a premium brand.

As with any branding project, we dug deep and researched to find the inspiration behind this new wine. With a rich vine and wine history dating back to 1842, the Barossa Valley is one of the most historic and prestigious wine producing regions in Australia. It’s a land area boasting a huge range of soil types, including terroir – Australia’s most famous soil.

Terroir proved the main source of inspiration for the packaging of Barossa Drive. That’s because it’s a vivid orange sand colour – perfect for one of the main hues. The other we chose was deep purple – the colour of shiraz. Both of these main colours are synonymous with their own entity, and both work well together in a marriage of vibrant adoration.

Alongside the main colours, we used three different shades of copper and a twist of silver. And also the image of a broken down, beaten-up car – perfect for arcing back to the wine’s history.

We’re pleased to say that Kingsland were delighted with the results.