Segredo Do Lisboa – Portuguese Wine

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: Kingsland needed a brand bringing to life in a way that would grab the attention from the multiples when they pitched.

Solution: Originating from Portugal, it seemed to good an opportunity not to buold something using the iconinc azulejo tiles. But we wanted to challenge the normal wine label and create something that would interact with the drinker’s environment.

For this project – another trusted to the Masters of Brands by the independent UK supplier, Kingsland Drinks – we were asked to develop an on-trade and off-trade identity for their Segredo wine.

Being a Portuguese wine, we were initially drawn to and inspired by the architecture of Portugal’s capital Lisbon – and in particular their famous Azulejo tiles.

So, we started to look into design concepts based on the ceramics. To stay true to the culture, this was a case of defining the correlations between the design and branding of the product and the beautiful patterns.

Originally fairly simple structures cut into geometric shapes, the tiles told stories about the Portuguese history, religion and culture. But they also had another use. Although decorative, the tiles were also functional. Not only helping to keep homes cooler in summer, but also reflecting the sun’s rays to keep Lisbon’s high and narrow streets filled with natural light.

So, that’s exactly what we explored – this use of light to add an extra visual element to our designs.

Starting with a colourful and vibrant palette, our concepts utilised shapes which worked with the light that shines through the bottle to create beautiful shadow patterns on the table or nearby wall.

Whether through candles or the sun’s penetrating beams when drinking alfresco, this geometric label payed homage to the Azulejo tiles and also helped to create a playful, interactive visual.

Modern in design, but reflective of the story and secrets behind the Portuguese culture, the Masters of Brands team was delighted to take Segredo into new territories for wine drinkers in the UK.