NINE Wines

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: Kingsland wanted to create a brand that would challenge the status quo of the lower ABV wine market.

Solution: We first carried out an insight activity to better understand how consumers viewed lower ABV wines. It became apparent that although consumers saw how a lower ABV wine would sit in their drinking habits, they saw a lot of current low ABV wines almosts as a non-alcoholic choice and they didn’t want their choice being highlighted to others.

Master of Brands’ first wine-based project with Kingsland was to develop a brand for their latest range – a lower % ABV wine collection.

Consisting of a pale rosé, a sauvignon blanc and a shiraz, the sole purpose of this project was to creative an innovative and refreshing brand for a lower ABV wine that broke away from the style currently in the market consisting of  washed out watercolours and feathers.

From consumer research, we discovered that most people may want the choice of drinking lower ABV wines, but they don’t necessarily want to shout about it. The choice of alcohol percentage doesn’t have to be overtly in-your-face.

So, we turned low ABV branding on its head. No clichéd feathers. But instead the creation of an elegant and stylish approach; a bottle that looks equally at home on table or on shelf alongside other wines.

Our thought process behind the design was simple: we’d develop a stylised brand that subtly communicates the percentage in the brand itself. And so Nine Wines was born – with the % symbol cleverly incorporated into the word ‘Nine’ on the front of the label.

This light and refreshing wine was complemented by use of foils to really push the elegance of the wine. Because, after all, lower % ABV wines should still have the same premium look as normal ABV varieties.