Da Padre – Authentic Italian Foods

Client: Esposito Foods

Brief: Local restauranteur Angelo Esposito wanted a brand to packaging some of his customer’s favourites, allowing them to take them into their own home.

Solution: We created a narrative based on Angelo’s food journey. Taught to cook by his father and his father before him, “Da Padre” (From my father) paid homage to his family roots, as well as geographic references on the pack. We developed a visual root informed by the local area, Calabritto, and traditional hand-drawn Italian type to give these products a true representation of their origin.

When a well-known, Chester-based restaurant owner told us he was looking to create a brand of condiments and snacks, the Masters of Brands were more than happy to assist.

This was a brief in detail, with the client knowing exactly what he wanted. In short, products that are synonymous with the area he grew up in – Calabritto in Italy, and ones which highlighted his family history.

So, like with all the projects we undertake, we needed to understand more about the background; the depths of this family history and how we could draw on the information that we gleaned.

Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. That’s why we presented the name Da Padre for these own brand sauces. Da Padre means “from father”. It respectively honours his father, and his father’s father, and so on.

The packaging encompassed every element of the brief. As well as the brand name, we also incorporated Calabritto into the branding to emphasize the importance of the history and inspiration of this product.

But that’s not all. This needed to be made even more personal. So both his family name and family crest also featured on the label.

Our team used the famous colours from the Italian flag, such as the red and white for his chilli dressing sauce, and combined it with text running up the packaging – a modern depiction of a traditional style.

It meant that whether on display in his restaurant, or taken out and sold in the various bakers, delicatessens and farmers’ markets, this new range will stand out with real provenance.