Bargain Booze Website

Client: Bargain Booze

Brief: To create a more lifestyle content lead website and make it easier for our in-house resources to manage and maintain.

Solution: Firstly we addressed the issue of how hundreds of products where being uploaded through multiple sources by creating a simple one-step upload system. We then focussed on developing a user experience that linked deals to content ensuring that any users would be easily able to find any products that featured in content.

Bestway Retail asked us to look at their outdated Bargain Booze website and completely refresh it, moving away from being sales-driven to a much more content-focused platform.

This was a site purely based on deals, prices and an archaic click & collect system. It was also one that was proving complicated for Bestway to manage uploads.

Our brief was straightforward. Make the website easier to use for the client team, and make it more informative and engaging for customers.

The new site that Masters of Brands created – offering improved visitor journeys across mobile platforms as well as desktop – was now teeming with content such as how to use the products in bespoke cocktails and other specialist subjects.

We injected a little fun into their photography. With lighting, foliage and fresh ingredients allowing us to accentuate the colours and flavours of each recipe, showcasing Bargain Booze’s full range to customers.

We addressed the issue in managing the website – now it was easy to update regularly, and in one step. And whilst maintaining the core brand values behind the national brand, we worked closely with the internal team, showing them how our tailored platform could streamline the management of over 4,000 individual SKUs.

Masters of Brands continues to work with Bargain Booze and Bestway Retail on other projects. Bargain Booze’s Marketing Director had this to say on our recent project:

“Technical expertise and know-how has to be a given when sourcing the right partner for web development. What isn’t a given, though, is the right attitude. MOB adopted a ‘can do’ approach from the off, always agile, always proactive and ultimately, genuinely nice guys.”