Wildwood Bitters

Client: Stock Spirits Group PLC

Brief: Stock wanted to explore how they could gain ground within the UK market cost effectivley.

Solution: We began by establishing the route to market, and for cost, nothing beat online sales. Then through insight activity, we engaged with a selection of prefered online retailers to explore categories we could look to own. After establishing that the bitters market had been stagnant for a long time, we began creating a product that would shake it up.

By working with Stock Spirits over a number of years, Masters of Brands are always exploring ways to realise more value from their every growing range of liquids obtained through acquisition.

For this project, we developed a strategy that looked to gain a position in the long stagnant bitters market.

So, having strategically studied the market, we identified that there was an opportunity for a brand that brought excitement to the market and was approachable for a wider range of consumers.

We did this by offering consumers both a sweet and bitter option. And, based on an ‘Elixir of the Forest’ idea, we created the name and brand, Wildwood.

So, we set to work pulling together ideas, visuals and a narrative that would support its two variants.

This was a case of delving deep into the enchanted woods and foraging for wild herbs and secret spices. Inspired and made from the forest, these unique brews were casked in ceramic bottles – one pure white, the other gloss black. Both entwine the whispering botanicals and secret seasonings of the woodland to craft a premium liqueur – one bitter and one sweet.

A product true to its roots, with a brand narrative steeped in symbolism, Masters of Brands helped position Stock Spirit’s Wildwood as having both the ingredients and bottle’s materials being natural and from the Earth.

Whilst the product is soon to be released, our look, feel and enchanting narrative has already turned heads, being featured on both the Packaging of the World and World Packaging Design websites.