3 Pebble Bay Rosé

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: Greene King had an underperforming expensive to bottle Rosé that needed refreshing.

Solution: We first addressed the cost of manufacturing and removed the use of PET in favour of cold foiling, a more vibrant and premium visual that commanded shelf presence was the result, and it was cheaper to produce. Ultimately this wine became a real performer as soon as it was re-introduced.

Kingsland Drinks are no strangers to the Masters of Brands. They turned to us once again, this time to help redevelop their existing zinfandel rosé brand, 3 Pebble Bay.

Originating from Lodi Wine County in California, the area is noted for delivering fruit-driven wines; well-structured reds and lively refreshing whites.

In repositioning the wine, Kingsland’s brief to us was simple: make it stand-out and increase sales. So the team got started on a design that would be as effective as it was eye-catching. Because this was to be made available on-trade, we decided to push it as far as possible, so the design would really stand out from the competition, and to customers when approaching the bar from distance.

Inspired by its Californian origins, we began transforming the original to make it more colourful and vibrant. A striking pattern was formed, using the pinks, blues and dark rose colours to pay homage to the state lifestyle. All the style and feel of sunshine holidays and palm trees.

Using the combined colours – layered on top of each other to create the mountain ranges nearby – we added bold complementary hues and subtle threads of gold to pay tribute to the Californian heritage. Then as a finishing touch, one last reference to the Golden State, the gold foil lettering over the design.

This refresh proved a huge hit resulting in a major uplift in sales at Greene King venues nationwide.