Jacktone Ranch – Tesco Wine

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: An old favourite for consumers at Tesco, Jacktone Ranch, was being moved from online only to the shelves nationally and required a new look to grab attention.

Solution: We wanted to create shelf presence without losing its origin, so we began constructing a bold typeface and colour palate, that would demand the attention of shoppers while keeping a more traditional label composition.

Another transformation project we were delighted to orchestrate was for the Jacktone Ranch range.

Sold exclusively in Tesco, this Kingsland Drinks wine consists of two varieties, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon.

Kingsland wanted the bottle to have new presence, whilst still staying faithful to the wine’s provenance. So for the project we chose to highlight Jacktone Ranch’s specific California origins.

That’s because these wines come from Lodi – the famous Californian wine-growing region close to the Pacific coast. Warm, sunny days are met by cooling ocean fogs, drifting in-land during morning and night. It’s a region quickly emerging as one of California’s most exciting wine destinations, and clearly why multi-generational family vineyards have prospered.

So, with a pedigree as rich as this one, we opted to keep the packaging simple, yet stylish and let the wine do its own talking.

Here, the labels were positioned to be modern and bold, with striking typography heavily influenced by the area, and a tree stump print in the background.

Being an earthy and neutral colour, the tree stump base adds texture and personality, nodding to a rustic theme and the Lodi lifestyle. To further complement this, a monogram crest styled as a brand really taps into the brand heritage.

What resulted was a classic rebrand. Jacktone Ranch staying true to its roots, whilst being refreshed in a contemporary style for discerning wine-drinkers looking for a quality alternative.