Wine Rack – Brand Redevelopment

Client: Bestway Retail

Brief: A clear brief was delivered to re-develop the Wine Rack style and website into a hub of information that allowed deals to stand out, but also allow visitors to explore wine, beer and spirits in an inclusive way.

Solution: First we focussed on creating a tone of voice that moved away from the sometimes-exclusive language used within wine. From this, we delivered a clean and inclusive platform where visitors could easily access the latest offers, as well as explore recipes, regions and much more creating an immersive online experience.

Our entire team enjoyed working on this project, as we were able to fully explore the brands potential. Whilst the initial focus was on the website, areas such as the tone of voice, social media and POS became key areas of improvement and certainly added a much deeper delivery.

Our first step was to develop a tone of voice and visual style. From our experience spanning wine, beer and spirits, we often hear from our consumer research how customers sometime feel excluded from exploring wine based on the type of language used. This became a big focus; as we developed a language that would encourage beer and spirit consumer to explore wine in a more inclusive way.

After we had developed the tone of voice, we moved onto the website. We created a stylish yet simplistic platform full of personality, focused on clear and functional visuals that enhanced the overall user journey. Not only does the website showcase the ranges on offer, but delicious food pairings and stories that elevate and strengthen every product.

The food pairing section ranges across multiple food groups using simple selectable icons, such as chicken, fish and cheese. Once clicked, recipes populate the page that showcase the perfect food and drink combination. Staying true to our developed tone of voice, these stay away from the pretentious in favour of home cooked recipes than span across the world. This is also reflected in our photography work throughout the Wine Rack social platforms, with themed table shots that focus not only on the wine and food pairings, but the range of colourful and homely ingredients used throughout.

The range is split by alcohol type, characterised by different shades of pastel colours and font styles. This gives each alcohol group its own personality, something that has also helped POS posters stand out from each other in store and target key consumers. Each product on the website is presented in a charming way with simplified key information such as the tasting notes and wine origin explained in an unpretentious and visual manner.

The built in Store Locator creates a personalised experience for the user that not only shows the nearest shop, but key information on the owner and the type of products they sell. This also includes opening hours, social feeds and upcoming events personalised to each store.

As well as the tone of voice and website, we’ve also spanned the style right across all social media and store POS. This includes seasonal catalogues, posters, neck labels, flyers, etc. Overall, this creates a powerful brand presence full of personality that stands out from the competition, fighting the stereotypical norm of wine stores we all know by making it inclusive and accessible to all consumers.

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