Between the Vines

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: To create an elegant brand for a new wine supplier to Kingsland Drinks. This wine would be exclusively sold in Waitrose stores nationwide.

Solution: We created a sleek and elegant design that paid homage to the family-run vineyard based in Washington state. We also focussed on ensuring the label stood out from the shelves awash with white labelled bottles.

Between the Vines you’ll find, secrets revealed and wines divine. Stories of nurture, love and care, if you read, you’ll discover, and be honoured to share. A work of art, people may say, to find those hidden gems, off the beaten track they lay. Read Between the Vines, what do you see?… A vision of craftsmanship, passion, after a sip you’ll agree.

Kingsland Drinks had secured a partnership with a new wine producer in Washington State, America. The commercial route was to secure a listing in Waitrose stores nationwide. To do this, we needed a label with a difference. Something that broke away from the usual white, old-world style composition. 

As its place of origin, Washington State is a premium wine-producing region located in the northwest corner of the United States. Although a relatively young wine industry, it is the nation’s second-largest wine producer and is ranked among the world’s top wine regions. Most of its Merlot wine is produced in the hot desert-like eastern area, which boasts longer hours of sunlight and beautiful copper sunsets.

Like the Waitrose brand, this wine had to be seen as a premium product. To reflect this, we created a design that was not only simple, but effortlessly elegant. Achieved by using vertical lines, this illusion added grandeur as well as making the bottle appear taller and thinner. The lines encapsulate the ‘Between the Vines’ in the centre and are finished with a premium copper foil, which illuminates from the jet-black label.