Luminoso Leggero

Client: Direct Wines

Brief: To refresh a pre-existing brand, to achieve greater standout in the Prosecco category

Solution: We brought the name of this prosecco to life, quite literally by using the latest printing advances and creating an illuminated finish to the label, that allowed the bottle to shine brighter on shelf.

Produced in the Prosecco region of Italy using the Glera grape, this premium sparkling wine was created to disrupt and stand out from the crowd. Unique and delicious, the taste is lemony fresh with a creamy mousse finish. It has a naturally low ABV to be inclusive of those who want to be mindful of their consumption, without compromising on taste.

The name ‘Luminoso Leggero’ translates from Italian to ‘Bright Light’. Because of this, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the visuals, fighting from the norm of what is expected from a traditional Prosecco label.

To begin with, we created a custom, sharp typography logo – which, along with the product details, is encapsulated by a multi-coloured dotted pattern using gold, crimson red and frost blue foil. This is sat upon a bright teal stock to add maximum contrast from the bottle. We also created a matching neck label to sit upon the gold wrap. This is all finished with a touch of photoluminescent ink over the text and dotted pattern, which in dark conditions will illuminate beautifully off the bottle as a ‘Bright Light’.

In all we strengthened the brand, evolving it’s messaging to create a premium and unique design. Not only does in now clearly stand out off the shelf but grabs potential consumers eyes to pick up and try the product.