Hidden Hill – Tesco Exclusive & Award winner at Harpers Design Awards 2018

Client: Kingsland Drinks

Brief: Tescos had developed a new riesling wine in response to the resurgence of riesling with their consumers. Kingsland required a premium label design that would offer shelf stand out and informative design that would influence the consumers purchasing decision when in hand.

Solution: We created a simply elegant label design that communicated characteristics of the wine, golden in colour with a distinct palate of crisp notes with warm overtones. We then created a rear label narrative that gave a clear understanding of the wine’s origin and flavour profile.

As a new product for Kingsland Drinks, and being sold exclusively in Tesco, Hidden Hill needed both a new brand and packaging design with a difference.

This, of course, is a speciality of ours. So, wanting to keep the design simple, we took inspiration from the region the wine is created – Clare Valley.

Now Clare Valley is synonymous for its Southern Australian hills and abundant greenery.  But look a little further and you’ll also find a mist that creeps to cover the landscape. It proved the perfect opportunity for our team.

Using the mist as a metaphor for the brand name, we created a clean-cut label with a focus on being premium. Over the label we placed a gold foil emblem carved in the silhouette of the Clare Valley Mountains, together with an embossed line that runs across. Added texture as an added touch.

Another subtle touch to the look and feel of this beautifully simplistic wine, is the gold tip on the top of the bottle.

Keen to highlight this wine’s name and background, we also designed and developed an innovative photoshoot using dry ice to add to the atmosphere of the shot.

We were very happy, both with the concept and end result of our work for Hidden Hill. We weren’t the only ones either – the design went on to win Bronze at the Harpers Design Awards.