Digital Marketing

The food and drink industry has historically been a heavy user of print. Whilst this medium still has its place, nowadays consumers also want the immediacy of screen time. Being able to engage digitally across a number of platforms allows shoppers to commit to a brand before they’ve even set foot in a store. Welcome to our digital offering.

Web Design

Having a web presence is crucial for your brand. The good news is, we can take care of all your web design, development and hosting requirements. Encompassing several aspects, our team works collaboratively together – and with you – to create a website that looks the part, but also does the job. After all, that’s exactly what good web design is. We start with the site map – the skeleton of the website. This allows us to plan pages and content, before we move on to designing each page. Once everything is signed off, we bring the designs to life by building the site. By all working together, we create a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, interactive and always in line with the tone and image of your brand. From local start-ups to national PLCs, we have proven experience in this area. Our sites look good -– and they are simple to use.

3D Animation

Our 3D animators develop engaging 3D graphics and animations that highlight your product’s features and benefits. Here, we focus on what makes the brand or product unique and portray it in an innovative way. Always guaranteed to stop and turn heads, 3D design combines factual with fun. And whether it’s logo animation, infographic animation or 3D animation, this service is a powerful tool for communication. That’s because visual effects are extremely effective in conveying a message and telling a brand’s story. Plus, 3D doesn’t just engage with consumers. It’s also a highly effective format for brand development. New products can be tested without the need for mass production. Photo-realistic interpretations act as prototypes. For both internal engagement and when taken out to suppliers, these stunningly realistic graphics and animations grab attention and help sell your brand.

Product Photography

When it comes to photography, we take your ideas and artistically bring them to life. On location or in our studio, we always aim to inject something special into your photographs. Vital for creating an individual look and feel – and crucially avoiding having to ever use the same stock photography as one of your competitors – this is about standing out, yet still capturing the essence of the subject. We complement by pairing your food or drink with a few key ingredients. Visually creating a composition that enhances your product and frames it just right. But that’s not all. The background, the setting, the lighting, we take every factor into account with our product photography. It’s how your brand and portfolio can take centre stage.

Advertising Video Production

Videography is a growing service – and with good reason. It’s the perfect way to showcase your brand. From storyboarding to filming, and then to post-production, we work with you at every stage of the process to execute your vision for the big screen. Corporate videos, brand stings, virtual portfolios, whatever the platform or intention, we captivate new and existing audiences. Video is also ideal for social media platforms. Interactive, and removing the need to read, this service creates engaging content and enables consumers to get an instant flavour of your brand. It’s the perfect way to complement striking work with commercial strategy.