Brand Packaging

Our Brand Packaging service combines label and container design. It’s important to remember that a combination of label and container design is key – both logistically and for consumers. Whether functional and effective or high-end and luxurious, the right choices can add or detract from the experience of your brand.

Container Design

We work closely with a number of manufacturers – glass, card, plastic and ceramic – to create completely unique and memorable containers. Whilst bespoke designs can mean bespoke prices, if you don’t want to create from scratch, we can source an appropriate container. There’s something for every budget. Material, size, shape, finish – every factor contributes to transforming a great product, into an award-winning one. Instead of a standard, straight sided bottle with a curved shoulder, you can literally break the mould. By experimenting with innovative materials that aren’t widely utilised in the industry, your brand will do more than follow a trend. It will set new ones.

Label Design

Any product needs a label design to really stand out on the shelf. From subtle and simplistic, to bright, bold and in your face, there is a design out there for any product. And Masters of Brands will help you discover it. Design, font, size, shape, finish – we take every aspect into account when we design your label. We also stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Our close relationships with a number of printers (and their presses) ensures beautifully handcrafted labels, time after time. Every project sees us delve deep into a product and brand’s history, looking at its roots and origins, to develop a brand with depth, integrity and a creative edge. It’s what we’re renowned for.