Brand Creation Agency

If you have a new product, business or idea and you’re not sure what to do with it, then you’re in the right place. Our Brand Creation service – taking in brand strategy, brand narrative and visual identity – covers everything needed to get your project off the ground and make it soar to new heights.

Brand Strategy

We get to know your product and understand where it sits in the marketplace against the competition and quickly identify where your brand can stand out. Our understanding of what today’s consumers want allows us to position your brand for success. We get under the surface, digging and discovering to find the ideal brand strategy to deploy. Brand strategy is the bedrock on which we build. Tonally, visually and dramatically. It is about getting your product seen in the best possible light.

Brand Narrative

Our team specialises in developing niche stories that become the essence of a brand. We are first and foremost a product branding agency. We understand that only the best brand narratives evoke consumer emotion. So we create brands that people love– and products that consumers want to buy. Over time, we have helped many food and drink brands create something completely unique; collateral that brings their own personal story to life. These stories have helped our clients develop commercial strategies to grow their brand offering, refresh their brand’s identity and even reposition their products to take a fresh hold of their market. The brand narratives we develop resonate with and add value for consumers. But most importantly, they always focus on ensuring the commercial growth of the brand.

Visual Identity

Visual identity is what makes your brand stand out when it matters. Now more than ever, brands are having to compete with hundreds of similar rivals. It’s all about finding the edge over these rivals through the creation of a strong visual identity that sets your brand apart and makes it memorable. With the right identity – one that’s finely honed and perfectly fashioned; an identity that makes your customer want to pick up and purchase – your brand can visually leap off shelves and screens in equal fashion. The Masters of Brands team combines decades of experience, balancing years of experience in design with backgrounds in fine art to ensure you can choose both modern and traditional expressions. This is where we guarantee an identity that’s handcrafted and personalised to you.